Pack Hike

Hikes with Boston for the Dogs

Hikes with Boston for the Dogs

All clients must complete a 1:1 lesson with a trainer as a prerequisite in order to assess the dog’s readiness for hikes prior to being approved for this daily service. Read more and sign up for our 1:1 lessons.

Clients who have completed a 1:1 lesson and whose dog has been approved by a trainer may request hikes on PetPocketbook. To set up a recurring hike schedule, please email
We also offer a discount for dogs on a reaccurring schedule! 

Structured Pack Hike

A BFTD family favorite, our hikes are 1-hour long and are perfect for the dog who loves exploring and needs some exercise. Our team carefully selects the best hiking locations based on current weather conditions, and your dog will come home happy and exhausted.

$40 (add a second dog for $20)

Weekend Structured Pack Hike

Our classic structured pack hikes are also available on weekends! These services are available on a limited basis, upon request.

$45 (add a second dog for $22.50)

Benefits of Structured Hikes:

Reinforce your dog’s training in the real world and around other dogs

Encourage a calm state of mind and build confidence in your dog

Provide a healthy physical outlet for your dog
Maintain structure in your dog’s daily/weekly routine, especially helpful during times of transition or changes to your schedule
Provide an outlet for sniffing, exploring, and fulfilling their biological needs as dogs
A tired and happy dog!