– Jae and Ike & Doodle
- Jae and Ike & Doodle

“My senior rescue dog was becoming more and more aggressive and our world was getting smaller and smaller. After a few months of training with BFTD my wonderful Doodlebug passed her canine good citizen test at 10 years old. DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC! You can teach an old dog new tricks and I’m so grateful for this time I have with her. Doodle goes on BFTD group hikes 2-3 times a week and we attend two different group classes on a regular basis. And they helped me find and train my brand new puppy. BFTD changed my life and I’m so glad to be part of the family”

–  Rachel & Tucker
- Rachel & Tucker

“When my fiancé and I got our puppy we knew we were sending him to Boston for the Dogs for training. This amazing crew truly cares about each dog and genuinely gives everything they have to this company. I appreciate the honest feedback and care that they put into their training. They offer everything from group training, 1:1 training to hikes. It’s pretty much a one stop shop to help better your fur baby. I cannot wait to see how much Tucker can learn and grow with BFTD and we will be lifers!”

– Koeun Im
- Koeun Im & Huxley

“BFTD has changed my view of dog ownership in so many ways. I’ve learned how to advocate for my dog and even did our therapy dog certification classes there. We love being part of the fam!”

– Rachita Chaudhury & Rocco
- Rachita Chaudhury & Rocco

“BFTD took us in without a blink after we had been told all kinds of discouraging things by other trainers. They truly believe that all dogs and owners can be rehabilitated and offer so many different services to meet your lifestyle and budget. After just a few days of school or extremely reactive dog was training around other dogs (safely), and he is now confident and getting smarter every day. Most importantly, we as owners have been taught important, current, research-based techniques and anecdotes about raising a dog. Strong recommendation from two young, overwhelmed people who rescued during COVID and felt hopeless – We now have the best support system and a wonderful, enriched life with our dog.”

– Lynette, Lenny & Sonny
- Lynette, Lenny & Sonny

“From that first meeting Hannalore changed our lives. She thoroughly explained her training philosophy, made recommendations to lessen Lenny’s anxiety (and ours), and suggested specific training methods. We have seen dramatic improvement in Lenny’s leash walking skills and confidence around other dogs in just a few sessions. Hannalore works with Lenny on a weekly walk schedule and we do on-leash pack training on the weekends at the Arboretum. She and her team are dependable, skilled, and committed to helping your dog become a better canine citizen. Hannalore exudes confidence and competence. Hannalore and Boston for the Dogs have my and Lenny’s highest recommendation.”

– Alana, Eric & Maggie
- Alana, Eric & Maggie

“Hannalore is an overall amazing person and is fabulous with all kinds of dogs. We’ve worked with Hannalore one-on-one and she was able to customize her training program to fit our family’s needs. We also love participating in Practice in the Park- it’s such a unique way to socialize and train your dog while having fun as part of the pack!”

– Lucy, Dan, Piper & June
- Lucy, Dan, Piper & June

“Boston for the Dogs is the only structured dog walker that we trust with our dogs. We have two shepherds who require engagement and structure, and previous walkers did not provide this. We were lucky enough, blessed even, to find a home with Hannalore and Corey at Boston for the Dogs. They understood the needs of our dogs and also our needs as humans. We have had a hard year with our family and they helped us, in a holistic way, get a grip on being dog parents again. Piper and June are now much happier that we have people that love, care and challenge our dogs. We are very grateful for the opportunity to not only have a trusted dog walking company but that training and practice opportunities are available through the company as well.”

-Marty and Mindy
-Marty and Mindy

“Ever since we started training at BTFD with our rescue Marty our little guy has become so confident and I feel like they have also give us the tools to follow through with training. We’ve learned so many excellent training techniques and enrichment activities. We love pack n play! It’s a fun social environment and Marty gets to work on real life skills with distractions.”

-Shannon and Beanie
-Shannon and Beanie

I don’t know where we would be if we hadn’t found BFTD. Our dog, Beanie, has flourished with the guidance and training they have provided her and US! We wanted to give our active and curious girl everything she needed to be that dog and keep her personality – I had no idea how to do this on my own. She has participated in their pack hikes, day school, Practice in the Park and private lessons. They are constantly evolving their processes and techniques and it is fully benefiting my family and my dog. We love them just as we love Beanie and can’t wait to see what comes next!!! Highly recommend to anyone who wants to live their best life with their dogs.”

– Lucy and Lexi
- Lucy and Lexi

My dog, Lucy, and I have been with BFTD totally change our lives. When we came to BFTD, Lucy was leash reactive towards other dogs and extremely difficult to walk because she pulled so badly. We had seen countless trainers and behaviorists, and just as I started to accept that the behavior was irreversible, I met Corey and Hannalore. In a very short amount of time they were able to give Lucy and I the tools and skills to improve her behavior and our relationship. With a mixture of structured group hikes, day school, and training classes, Lucy’s behavior went from nearly unbearable in public to being a polite, responsive girl, making us both much happier and more relaxed.

BFTD also helped us train with an e-collar to teach her reliable recall which has made a world of difference hiking in the Whites nearly every weekend. It gives us the ability to do more adventures together when normally I would have to leave her at home. Lucy also just passed her CGC test, something we never would have dreamed of being able to accomplish prior to working with BFTD. Don’t get me wrong, you have to put in the work to be successful, but they never fail to give us training plans that are manageable with my busy grad school schedule and tight budget.

Best of all BFTD is the most supportive community I’ve ever been a part of. When we started, I was anxious and embarrassed by Lucy’s behavior. It made me feel like a bad mom, but they helped me realize that I was doing my best and I just needed new tools to be successful. Even on Lucy’s worst days, they help me shake it off and concentrate on our goals instead of being ashamed of her behavior. They are always here for us when we need them and have our backs, teaching us to advocate for ourselves and supporting us through it all. Lucy and I have grown so much and we’re so lucky to have BFTD helping us reach goals we never thought were possible!

Follow Lucy and Lexi and their hiking adventures here!