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Training with Boston for the Dogs

Training with Boston for the Dogs

Boston for the Dogs (BFTD) is a relationship-based company. We focus on a dog’s natural drive and instincts to better communicate with our dogs. BFTD strives to assess each dog thoroughly to find the best style(s) and tool(s) to meet the needs and goals of both you and your dog.

Our individualized training programs are designed to be easily integrated into your daily life. BFTD works hard at helping you and your family find the balance between work and play so you and your dog can have a better life-long relationship. We specialize in real world training so that you can do more with your dog.

BFTD offers multiple training options including in-home training, lessons at our training lab, structured day school, and group classes that offer real world training opportunities. Our structured pack hikes reinforce what your dogs learn during training. To get to know us better, head over to meet our trainers and check out our current class offerings.

To learn more about the programs we offer, the way we train, or anything else, please reach out. We are happy to help!


Structured Pack Hikes

Starting at $40

A BFTD family favorite, our hikes are 45-60 min. long and are perfect for the dog who loves exploring and needs some exercise. Our team carefully selects the best hiking locations based on current weather conditions, and your dog will come home happy and exhausted.

Dog Training

Dog Training

1:1 Lessons

$220 for 2hrs
Our 1:1 training lessons are custom tailored to you and your dog’s needs and goals. Our trainers can help you work towards any number of goals, including basic obedience, puppy training, recall, e-collar training, separation anxiety, behavior modification, Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test, confidence building, and much more!

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Day School

$55 for half day; $75 for full day
Unlike the “free for all” daycare model, our school program provides the structure and variety to help your dog learn both appropriate play and relaxation. School is a great way to help proof training in a fun and stimulating environment. Whether you are working on basic obedience or have a specific training goal or problem, our staff of experienced trainers will work with your dog to support your training goals.

Our unique structured day school is available Monday through Friday for either half days or full days. Drop offs for school are between 7am-9am and pickup is 1pm-2pm or 4pm-6pm.

Day School Add-On Services
Our add-on services can be provided at Structured Day School, upon request. Please email to request either of these services on a day that your dog is booked for school. We are unable to provide these services without a Day School reservation.

  • Nail Trims: $18
  • Muzzle Fitting*: $15

*Please note that muzzle fitting involves measuring your dog and recommending the style of muzzle we believe will provide the best fit for your dog. It does not include the muzzle itself, which must be purchased separately.

Dog Training


GROUP Classes

Group classes are available for current clients in our training and/or hiking program. We host weekly classes both at our Training Lab and at local public spaces, such as parks and public transit hubs. Please note, advanced classes and specialized series courses are subject to special pricing.


Social Puppy 101

Join our 4-week program for puppies under 6 months of age to learn the fundamentals and earn their AKC Star Puppy title!